Drug Screening Program

Drug Screening Program

The goal of drug testing applicants is to discourage users of illegal drugs from applying to your organization, and to identify those who do apply before they are hired. Businesses pay a high price for these users such as increased absences, accidents, and errors.

S1G offers both Laboratory Drug Testing and Point of Collection Testing. S1G will create a custom Drug-Screening Program to meet your organizations specific needs. Contact an Account Representative today and let them develop a Drug-Screening Program specifically for you.

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Contract Client Packages

S1G combines individual reports into a “unit” package that will save your company time and money. Great for Tenant, Childcare, or Pre-employment Screening. Contact an Account Representative today and let them customize a Contract Client Package specifically for you.

Discount Pricing For Contract Customers

Minimum Annual New Hires Discount
50 – 99  ——— 4%
100 – 174 ——–8%
175 – 299 ——-10%
300+ Contract Pricing

Discount Pricing For Contract Customers

On Site Service is available in most states. S1G provides a unique opportunity to cut cost and time by sending a specially trained team to your location of choice. Great for pre-employment screening of grand openings, large hires, or job fairs. Please contact an Account Representative for additional information.

*Pricing varies per event.

Account Set-Up Information

  • Please allow 24-hours for account set up.
  • One-time $65.00 account set up fee.
  • Surcharges and other fees levied by federal, state, county, and other governmental agencies including court copies and motor vehicle record access charges are additional.
  • Some educational institutions, employers and licensing agencies have retained third-party vendors to respond to requests for verifications. These additional fees will be passed through to Subscriber in addition to fees charged by S1G.
  • Charges incurred by using out-of-network drug collection facilities will be passed through to Subscriber in addition to fees charged by S1G.
  • Prices shown reflect payment in accordance with agreed upon terms.

Effective 01/01/2018. Prices and court fees subject to change without notice.

Reporting and Delivery

Choose from a variety of different reporting and delivery methods.

  • S1G Fax
  • S1G E-mail – Encrypted e-mail
  • S1G Internet – Secure Internet
  • S1G Hand Delivery